About the Manager

ARA-CWT Trust Management (Cache) Limited is a joint-venture REIT management company between ARA Asset Management Limited ("ARA") and CWT Limited ("CWT").

ARA is a real estate fund management company listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange. ARA's business is focused on the following primary segments:

  1. REITs - The Group is one of the largest REIT managers in Asia ex-Japan and currently manages six REITs listed in three countries namely, Fortune REIT dual-listed in Singapore and Hong Kong, Suntec REIT and Cache Logistics Trust listed in Singapore, Hui Xian REIT and Prosperity REIT listed in Hong Kong and AmFIRST REIT listed in Malaysia. The Group also manages four privately-held REITs in South Korea;
  2. Private real estate funds - The Group manages several private funds investing in real estate in Asia;
  3. Real estate management services - The Group provides property management services and manages the award-winning Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre; and
  4. Corporate finance advisory services - The Group has an in-house advisory arm providing corporate finance advisory services to related corporations.

More information on ARA can be found at www.ara-asia.com.

CWT Limited is a leading provider of integrated logistics and supply chain solutions. CWT's business is about connecting world trade. CWT moves, builds and powers its customers' supply chain forward. The CWT Group combines its logistics capabilities, global network and resources to add value for its customers. The CWT Group also provides commodity marketing, financial and engineering services ancillary to its core logistics business.

More information on CWT can be found at www.cwtlimited.com.